Love that Italy is finally embracing vegetarian foodies!

Girl in Florence


Normally, you would never think of Italy as a place for vegetarians. This is a land known for bistecca, cured meats and all sorts of delicious goodness. That being said, the traditional Mediterranean diet is very vegetable based and healthy to boot. Personally, I tend to eat very little meat – just out of habit more than anything so this list is just as good for me than anyone else. Plus you would be surprised how yummy some of these plates really are. Risotto with strawberries, creamy pumpkin soup made with coconut milk & curry, fragrant ravioli – need I say more. Plus with wonderful grains such as farro or quinoa for your protein, who really needs meat?

Well, I do enjoy my bistecca alla fiorentina every once in a while ;-). 

Enough about that, before I go stuff myself with pizza {hint to self-never write a…

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